'Amazing!' Mrs Hinch fans share a cheap window cleaning hack to get rid of limescale

She shared a picture of her windows covered in what appeared to be limescale.

The homeowner made a plea for help and explained limescale removers had not helped.

“Looking for some advice on windows,” the caption read.

“I have a window cleaner and he’s really good but we can’t get my front windows clean.


“The dirt looks like a limescale stain but I used limescale remover/cleaner and it hasn’t shifted.”

The homeowner had been struggling to get rid of the marks with window cleaning products.

However other cleaning fans suggested these may not be necessary.

Instead they recommended using vinegar, something many will already have in their cupboards.

Another said: “[Use] white vinegar and a window scraper and lots of perseverance.”

One more commented: “[Use a] vinegar and water mix. Amazing!”

Looking online can be a great way to get advice when stuck with a cleaning product.

This is often a good place to pick up hacks using surprising products.

source: express.co.uk