Caitlyn Jenner: Olympic star 'angers' Australians ahead of Big Brother during lockdown

While Caitlyn has no experience in politics, she is hoping to emulate the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger who had been known as an actor before being elected as Governor of California between 2003 and 2011.

A recent poll in May showed that Caitlyn was ranked just fourth among the candidates, with an estimated six per cent of support from voters.

The upcoming election has been dubbed a “recall” election, with voters being given the opportunity to allow current governor Gavin Newsom to complete his term in office or be replaced.

Caitlyn is running as a Republican candidate and hopes to make California a more pro-business state.

The Olympian who broke records during the 1976 Montreal games intends to lower taxes and implement fewer regulations.

Aside from this, she wants to close the border and implement more affordable housing for Californians, as well as tackling the homelessness crisis. has approached Caitlyn’s representatives for further comment.