Parking tickets are 'terrorising' business owners in 'dying' town centre

The companies have been hit with charges after failing to follow confusing rules around loading and unloading goods. Businesses are able to load and unload before 10:30 am and after 4:30 pm on the busy Newmarket Street.

“It’s common sense when people are parked outside their businesses, it’s the only way they can operate.”

Zoe Hunter, co-owner of food business They Bake has also been hit with penalties for unloading stock.

She said they had asked how to get a permit but the attendant did not help.

Ms Hunter said businesses have been “a bit shocked” because many had suddenly started receiving tickets.

The permit states drivers must not be used during the day between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Drivers can apply for a permit by contacting South Ayrshire Council Customer Services team.

Speaking to the Daily Express, the ARA said a public consultation will soon be launched to look at parking in the area.

They said: “The current rules for the use of loading bays on High Street, Ayr are very clear and are enforced to ensure that drivers comply with the rules and that the bays can be used appropriately.

“The loading bays are for the use of goods vehicles that are loading/ unloading items or for the delivery or collection of goods from nearby premises.

“The loading bays can be used in this manner for up to 30 minutes so long as there is evidence of loading or unloading taking place.

“Ayrshire Roads Alliance parking attendants are not ‘terrorising’ residents, they are doing the job that they are employed and instructed to do.

“Parking attendants, like all employees, have a right to work without fear of violence or verbal abuse. The Alliance will continue to take action, where appropriate, to protect our employees.

“South Ayrshire Council is currently holding a public consultation exercise that outlines a range of proposals for parking in Ayr and any decisions taken by the Council will be fully implemented by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.”