‘It's wrecking the country – algorithm's useless’ Owen Jones slapped down in NHS app row

Mike continued: “But the thing about this right, we have a thing called Sat Nav in our cars, imagine if the Sat Nav went mad and starting making cars crash into each other because the whole system was flawed and not working, 

“That is exactly what this system is,” Mike added and as Owen tried to butt in, Mike shut him down: “Owen it is! It doesn’t work, it’s recklessly useless, wrecking people’s lives, it’s badly damaging the economy and we’ve got to get rid of it and I will turn mine off.”

Trying to offer an opposing view, Owen weighed in: “It’s obviously inconvenient for people –

“It’s more than inconvenient, it’s destroying the country,” Mike protested as Owen countered: “It’s not destroying the country, if we talk about destroying the country, 150,000 people have died, that’s as destructive as something gets. 

source: express.co.uk