'Crisis point': Meat shortage could hit the UK as food shortages continue – 'surely not'

Companies have warned that the country could face meat shortages on items like lamb chops and steaks due to huge quantities of staff being told to self-isolate. Meat processors are seeing up to one in 10 of their workforce told to quarantine by the NHS app.

Food and drinks companies have reported they are struggling with deliveries to shops due to a lack of workers, including lorry drivers.

Haribo recently shared a statement explaining their ongoing issue.

It read: “Haribo are experiencing an unprecedented and sustained surge in demand.

“We are working flat out to manage the situation.

They said: “We believe this is driven by the easing of national lockdown restrictions, and we have also been enjoying a warm British summer.

“This increase in demand has also had a knock-on effect on the haulage industry and we are experiencing shortages int the network servicing our supply, particularly for our international brands such as S. Pellegrino.”

Appearing recently on Prime Minister’s Questions, Glasgow East MP David Linden urged Boris Johnson to act as the sector reaches “crisis point”. 

Simon Roberts, Sainsbury’s Chief Executive said that demand for barbecue foods, soft drinks and certain alcoholic beverages has been stronger than expected.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the food shortage, some Britons expressed that they were noticing bare shelves.

One person said: “A few bare shelves in the supermarkets, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Another wrote: “I visited Morrisons first thing today and some shelves were fairly empty.”

“Surely not, we had this last year but for a different reason, I hope this isn’t the case,” tweeted a third.

source: express.co.uk