Stuffed Jack Russell Terrier helps man find lockdown love

Mitch did admit that when people hear about Phoebe, it can be a controversial response.

He said: “I had so many mixed reactions. Some people thought it was cruel, most people did think it was pretty hysterical but it’s always a mixed bag of reactions, especially on social dating when you advertise a taxidermy dog with you.”

The American also revealed when he first saw Phoebe for the first time after being stuffed, he burst into laughter seeing her perched on top of the kitchen table.

Jamie told the ITV presenters that Nanook the Husky has been successfully introduced to Phoebe which was a success.

Holly then asked Jamie if she has considered having Nanook preserved via taxidermy when the time comes.

She admitted she’d considered it, but was still 50/50 on the matter, adding: “My mum always joked about stuffing our childhood dog. So to see it happen makes it possibly a reality. Hopefully I have some years to decide!”

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