10 Best Handheld Game Consoles Ranked by Sales

RPGer27m ago

It is a handheld. Just calm down and get the lite which is very handheld and saving us from wording playing od Nintendo fans. That thing have zero commons with any console that ever existed. Is uses full handheld screen, you can absolutely play all games on the go (except very few inferior games), it has battery, it has momery card and not Drives etc. Just because it has dock mode doesn’t mean it is console, Vita can play on TVs. Phones as well via adapters, docks or wireless, and laptops.

Every arguments which Switch fans they bring up “on the go”. Japanese people buying it to play Mario, Zelda and Pokemon while on transportations like buses and trains (really thousands). It is a hybird portable that can be played on TV. Literally you can have Switch without a screen at all, so it is a portable like PSP and 3Ds.

source: gamezpot.com