Chaos erupts in Cuba as anti-government protests break out against communist regime

Rare anti-government protests have erupted in the Cuban capital of Havana as the country is gripped by its worst economic crisis for 30-years. In footage that has emerged online, thousands of protesters can be seen hurling rocks and launching missiles at pro-government forces, the Cuban army and government protesters as millions across the country protest in fury against communist rule, mounting poverty and chronic food shortages which have blown up over the pandemic. While Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has blamed the USA for orchestrating the riots.

Thousands of Cubans marched through central Havana, chanting “homeland and life” and “freedom” as they voiced their fury at the regime’s handling of the pandemic and economy.

Protesters threw missiles, rocks and even concrete pulled up from pavements as they countered a vicious crackdown from pro-government forces on Sunday.

Police and the army can be seen bundling hundreds of demonstrators into vehicles and speeding off.

While other government forces can be seen charging around the chaotic streets in vehicles mounted with machine guns.

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While other security forces set about protesters with batons and pepper spray in a desperate bid to regain control as the violence spiralled.

Protesters have also been calling for President Miguel Diaz-Canel to step down amid chaotic handling of the pandemic.

The protests are the biggest anti-government demonstrations on the Communist-run island in decades.

As the protests spread across the country the radio and tv airwaves were taken over by the communist regime as President Miguel Díaz-Canel warned anti-government protesters will be crushed by a heavy state response.

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The President lambasted protesters as being “manipulated” by a U.S. conspiracy to orchestrate social media campaigns and “mercenaries” on the ground.

He also warned that further “provocations” would not be tolerated.

It is believed the United States spend around 20 million dollars a year on “democracy promotion” initiatives and activities on the island.

Recent years has seen Cuba crippled by brutal trade embargoes imposed by the USA on the island which have taken heavy tolls on the civilian population.