‘Best method’: Mrs Hinch fan shares two minute hack to clean ‘flirty’ microwaves

Microwaves can often cause food spillages which can cause germs to get stuck on the inside of the microwave. Germs love warm spaces and therefore when not cleaned regularly, bacteria can grow in the kitchen appliance.

While there isn’t any fixed rule on how often a microwave should be cleaned, it is recommended to keep on top of any spillages.

Therefore, it is advised to clean it at least once a week.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips on Facebook, one woman asked for some advice when it came to cleaning her microwave.

She wrote: “What’s the best way to clean a microwave? Mine smells horrible all the time and gets filthy so easily.

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“It’ll leave the microwave smelling lovely, best method yet.”

Another said: “Rub a freshly cut lemon inside the entire microwave. Then place a bowl of eater inside and set the timer for 30 seconds and repeat.

“Then, wipe the microwave walls with a damp cloth and then use the lemon again to freshen it up.

“The lemon even cuts through grease.”

Lemon has been a well-known natural cleaner for years and can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

Known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, using a lemon to clean surfaces can not only help to keep the home clean, but provide a lasting fragrance too.

Oil in the lemon helps to clean and shine as well as cutting through any stubborn grease which may be present in the microwave.

One other Mrs Hinch fan said: “Definitely use the lemon hack, it takes around two minutes so you can keep on top of cleaning it really easily.

“For me, I slice up some lemon and place it in a cold bowl of water.

“Place it in the microwave for around three minutes and then leave it sitting in there for a while after.

“Be sure to wipe off any condensation or dirt which may be on the inside too.”

What’s more, lemons can be picked up super cheaply and last a long time too.

Others recommended using a proper microwave cleaner and other’s recommended using the Ozmo Bin Deodoriser and Cleaning Spray.

It can be purchased in shops like B&M for as little as 89p.

source: express.co.uk