Naga Munchetty explains why she rarely gets emotional on BBC Breakfast: 'Not the story'

Naga Munchetty, 46, has sometimes been labelled as “stoney-faced” by some viewers of BBC Breakfast, but there is reason why the presenter doesn’t like to show much emotion while she’s doing her job. She explained she likes to distance herself a little from a story, so that it doesn’t hinder her ability to help facilitate it.

The BBC star spoke about why she decides to hide her emotions in a recent interview with Alan Carr in his podcast Life’s A Beach.

While the pair were chatting about a specific holiday or work trip that has remained engrained on her mind, Naga revealed chatting to D-Day veterans, including 96-year-old Harry Billinge, will be a day she never forgets.

“I remember going to France to speak to veterans about the D-Day landings, it was the 75th anniversary and commemoration,” she said, speaking of the thought-provoking interview back in 2019.

“It’s very rare these days that news gets to go out on location because of budgets etc, but we took the breakfast sofa out and I met to some brilliant veterans.”

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She added: “I’d like to think I’m not someone who gets emotionally affected by stories because my job is to facilitate the story – I’m not the story.

“But when you’re sitting on this sofa on beach waiting for this amazing commemoration, this ceremony and monument that was being constructed, you hear the stories of young men and women who were basically being thrown to their deaths in the sea,” she said.

And it certainly took its toll on Naga, who couldn’t help but feel the impact on the veteran’s coming back to the beaches that were once a battle ground.

“You see them reliving it,” she explained.

Alan nodded in agreement as he said: “I remember watching that!

“And didn’t you say, ‘You’re a hero’ and the man said, ‘I’m not a hero, I’m lucky. All the heroes are dead.’

“It was a real choke,” he admitted.

Naga agreed, replying: “It was and I did choke.

“But we are human and grateful.”