Police show off their new £88,000 sports car used to help fight crime

This 3.5-litre Lotus Evora GT410 Sport will help road traffic officers fight crime, Devon and Cornwall Police says. The constabulary has the £88,000 motor for one year but is yet to disclose in what exact capacity it will be used.

The force used Twitter to share photos of the car, which is complete with high-visibility police markings, ahead of its use.

Plymouth Live reports the Lotus does 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds, can hit 186mph and has 410 horsepower.

Despite these impressive performance figures, it can apparently achieve around 26 miles per gallon.

But some Facebook users feel the car is money poorly spent by the force, which has to cover an area of nearly 4,000 square miles with around 3,200 officers.

One man posted: “Do they really need this at £88,000? Waste of funds.”

Another posted: “How many officers could that have paid for?”

A third shared: “Ouch on our taxes. Yikes!”

The force wrote on Twitter: “Another new RCU [Roads Crime Unit] car has turned up.”

And some online believe the car will indeed help the department.

“That will be handy for catching hardened criminals,” reads one post.

Good move Devon and Cornwall Police,” states another.

source: express.co.uk