Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance UK Physical Sales Came Almost Entirely From PS5 And PS4

TheRealTedCruz41m ago(Edited 40m ago)

Multiple developers have stated they’ve seen spikes in sales going onto gamepass, as well as a large spike in DLC sales.
Developers obviously see profit in the deals MS offers via gamepass, or else they wouldn’t take them.

Stop trying to spin a pro consumer service into a negative, just because you obviously don’t like them.
You’re acting like MS is desperate in the gaming market, simply because they aren’t the biggest. They’re taking in money and over first.

Also, Gamepass has a subscriber base seven fold over PS Now, despite coming out years after it.
Barely anyone touches it, because it’s a service that offers very little to dedicated Playstation fans, but still want your money.
Sony can learn a good bit from MS in terms of services and backwards compatibility, because they’re slowly still pushing the idea of paid remasters as of recent.
Also, maybe they should stop being pretty much the only ones censoring content, which core gamers don’t like.

When MS slowly starts releasing all these 1st party titles from award winning devs now under their belt, Sony will have some direct competition.
This isn’t the original Xbox One days anymore. Get with the times.
MS is making moves.

– a legitimate Sony fan who has only bought Sony the last two generations.

source: gamezpot.com