Coronavirus live news: China reports highest cases since January; New Zealand won’t risk ‘UK-style policy’


New Zealand not willing to risk UK-style ‘live with Covid’ policy, says Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand has dismissed suggestions it should follow in Britain’s footsteps to “live with” Covid-19, saying the level of death proposed by Boris Johnson would be “unacceptable”.

If cases in Britain explode as a result of the lifted regulations, New Zealand may also consider putting the country on a no-fly list.

On Monday, Johnson announced plans to scrap regulations including on face masks and social distancing by 19 July, saying that Britain must “learn to live with” the virus. He said Covid cases would likely reach 50,000 a day within a fortnight, and “we must reconcile ourselves, sadly, to more deaths from Covid”.

“That’s not something that we have been willing to accept in New Zealand,” the country’s Covid-19 response minister, Chris Hipkins, said at a press conference alongside the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, on Tuesday.

Ardern says ‘different countries are taking different choices’ on accepting Covid deaths – video




China reports highest cases since January