Dan Walker issues apology as Tom Kerridge calls BBC host out for ‘mugging him off’

Dan Walker, 44, is many things, a presenter, a commentator, a dad and an author. But he’s also a president of a prestigious club… The Egg Club.

Described as a “large slice of foolishness” by the man himself, it began as a “silly blog post”.

“People found the post, used the technique and started saying how it had transformed their poached-eggery,” he said in a previous interview.

Dan receives hundreds of “applications” from fans wanting to join the group but he is extremely picky about who gets to become a member.

During a more recent chat with Tom Kerridge and Chris Stark on their The Pirate Ship podcast, the BBC Breakfast star had to make a formal apology to chef Tom, after he revealed he had been turned away by Dan.

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“Did I question whether you used custard on it or something?”

Tom sighed: “Yeah, something like that, you absolutely mugged it off.”

Realising the bitterness he’d caused, Dan decided it was time to put it to bed.

“I’d like to formerly apologise,” he said before Tom stopped him.

source: express.co.uk