Yes, ‘Below Deck Med’ Chief Stew Katie Flood Dated Season 4’s Jack Stirrup!

Talk about a fun fact! During the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 premiere episode, we learn something quite interesting about new chief stew Katie Flood.

“My ex-boyfriend Jack worked for Captain Sandy before,” she tells the group in the crew mess, and we flash back to deckhand Jack Stirrup from Season 4!

“I love Jack, he actually got my face tattooed on his arm,” Katie reveals in her interview, only to then learn from Jack’s footage that, “It had been like, 10 days of us knowing each other,” and that he “Got it in Thailand when I was fucking wasted,” he said with a laugh. As for Katie’s reaction? “I wss like, what in the actual fuck?” she recalled. “We were just so young, too passionate, never gonna work,” she admitted. “At least we were together for a year and a half, kind of makes it worth it, right?”

When I caught up with Katie via Zoom last week, I asked if Jack had any advice for her before joining the show. “I think he was the first person I actually told,” she said. “When it got to the point where I was gonna do the show, I felt like I just wanted to chat to him. That’s when I was making the final decision if I wanted to do this, and Jack always has really positive things to say about everything. He was just like, people will love you, do it. He had a really good experience so it’s nice to speak to someone that knows you really well. He knows me at my best and my worst and to have his input really did help.”

Katie also told me that she got a DM from former chief stew Hannah Ferrier, and you can read all about that and so much more right here.

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