9000mAh Portable Battery Charger for tablets and mobile phones


9000mAh Portable Battery Charger for iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Micro/Mini USB, More

High capacity 9000mAh emergency power supply that fits in your pocket and works with your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, mobile phones, and many other devices!

Take advantage of the Portable Battery Charger’s 9000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery to enjoy hours of extended play time on your small portable electronic products. The included adapter tips are compatible with your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and even includes both micro USB and mini USB connectors to work with most cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, and many other electronic devices.

This Portable Battery Charger is compact and portable and can be used at any time. Buy one and leave it in your car so you can recharge all of your electronic devices on the go and have them ready when you need them. When the portable battery itself is low on power, just connect it to your computer via the included USB cable and easily charge it back to full again.

With this one Portable Battery Charger, you get an unbeatable low-priced emergency power source for almost all of your portable electronics. Available in our warehouse now, order today and we’ll express ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in China Electronics – Wholesale-Star.

At a Glance…

9000mAh Portable Battery Charger
Simple to use and convenient power supply
7 connectors, including for your iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab
Charges most electronic gadgets through Mini USB and Micro USB

Manufacturer Specifications

Input voltage: DC 5V
Input current: 800mAh (max)
Output voltage: DC 5V ~ 5.5V
Output current: 2.2A (max)
Capacity: 9000mAh (max)
Connectors: 7
Connector Types: Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 30 pin, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola / Blackberry, Sony Ericson
Dimensions: 96 x 41 x 41mm

Package Contents

Portable Battery Charger
Charging/Connection Cable
7 Adapter Tips
Carrying Case
User Manual

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