How ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Jan and Scarlet Envy celebrate Pride weekend

It’s a Brand Ru Day.

After a year of virtual drag shows, Zoom dance parties and chilly brunches on the sidewalk, queer New Yorkers are ready to celebrate.

And it’s not just Pride weekend that’s got LGBT New Yorkers excited. This week marks the arrival of Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, out now on Paramount+.

Season 12’s Jan and Season 11’s Scarlet Envy are back for another chance at the crown, and they can’t wait to get the party started.

“It’s been such a crazy year, and I think Pride is just a time for all of us not only to remember and celebrate where we came from . . . but also to celebrate where we are now,” Jan, a peppy, purple-haired showgirl who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, told The Post.

Meanwhile Scarlet, a scorching siren who lives in Williamsburg, is also raring to go. “Oh, I’m ready to party, baby. The ’90s are back, girl. We are back!”

Here, in their own words, the queens spill the tea on what they’re up to this Pride weekend.

Jan’s weekend: “Trapped on a boat with gays listening to Lady Gaga”

Jan poses in front of the NYC skyline.
Jan poses at the Edge observation deck at Hudson Yards.
Brian Zak/NY Post

We’re in the middle of press week, so all the girls are in town, and we’re doing some fun, surprise events together in the West Village on Friday.

After that, though, I’m going on the Chromatica Cruise [named for Lady Gaga’s new album] with a bunch of friends, which is a dance party on a boat hosted by [DJ] Ty Sunderland. It’s time to come back with our friends, not only celebrating Pride, but celebrating getting back to some sense of normalcy — and I think there’s no better way to do that than being trapped on a boat with gays listening to Lady Gaga.

Saturday is more of a recover-from-the-cruise kind of day. Though, the honest truth is I’ll probably just go to brunch and have a margarita. That’s my recovery! My favorite spot in my neighborhood is actually called Hell’s Kitchen on Ninth and 51st. It’s got a great Mexican menu, and it’s pretty much the talk of the town. I’ll probably drag some of the other cast members with me before we head off to another fun cast event.

I love Pride Sunday. I decided to not do work that day, because I just want to celebrate. I know that’s what our pioneers in our community would want us to do.

Then, at night, a lot of dancing. I’m going to Ty’s other party, Pride Playground, at 3 Dollar Bill [260 Meserole St.] in Brooklyn. I actually just shot a music video there for my new song “(Put Your) Gay Hands Up” — I love it so much. You get a wide variety of queerness there, which I don’t think you can find at a lot of spaces and venues in New York.

Jan’s place of Pride

I grew up in New Jersey, right across the Hudson River, and I remember when I was a young kid I always had a craving for New York City since it was so close, yet so far away. I always loved Broadway and performing, and I knew that was the place to be.

Scarlet’s weekend: “I’m keeping my options open, in terms of events — and men!”

Scarlet Envy poses with a cocktail shaker and bartender at Metropolitan.
Scarlet Envy gets cozy at Metropolitan, the oldest gay bar in Brooklyn.

The network is carting us around the city all weekend, but I can assure you that we’re going to be busy! You never know with the Friday night of Pride weekend — I’ll probably be resting, to be honest. Self-care is very important, you know? I love bath bombs. I’m literally having a green juice right now for breakfast. I do yoga just to calm the nerves and mind. I work out a lot, just to get the blood going, and it all just makes me feel a little less wild.

I [planned] a viewing party at C’mon Everybody [325 Franklin Ave., Bedford-Stuyvesant], which is a neighborhood water[ing] hole, and I’ve extended the invite to the cast to drop by. I also know if they need an extra nail or something, I’ll tell them where to go: Beauty 35, on 35th and Eighth. It’s the best. I love being here! All the other girls had to get in an airplane to come in for press week, and I just got into an Uber! 

I’ll definitely end up somewhere this weekend, I’m just not sure exactly where. I’m keeping my options open, in terms of events — and men!

Brooklyn Pride, officially, was two weeks ago. Brooklyn is where my heart is, where my Bagelsmith is, where my cheaper vodka sodas are! I always get the No. 9 at Bagelsmith ([89 Bedford Ave.; 566 Lorimer St., Williamsburg], which is their turkey specialty. Though it does depend on the time of day I go, because their breakfast sandwiches are good, too. It’s the spot for the morning or after the gig, and sometimes that’s the same thing, if you’re getting my vibe.   

Scarlet’s place of Pride

I mean, it doesn’t get more classic than Metropolitan [559 Lorimer St., Williamsburg]. I think it’s the oldest still-functioning gay bar in Brooklyn! It’s the closest thing I have to a home bar, and I think it’s important, whether you’re a drinker or not, it’s not about the alcohol, it’s about the community. I’ve had friends married at Metro, probably friends divorced at Metro — you know how it is with these queens.