A New Helper in the Kitchen

Cuong Pham, who created the excellent Red Boat brand fish sauce in 2011, has introduced several other products since then. The latest is Kho sauce, a kitchen shortcut made with Red Boat fish sauce, to use for braising meats and tofu, developed by the chef Diep Tran. In Vietnamese kho means to simmer or braise, yielding rich satisfaction. In addition to fish sauce, it also depends on black and crushed red pepper, shallots, ginger and green onions. Keep it on hand to add substance and nuance to all kinds of braised dishes and preparations, like pot roast and the pan juices from roast chicken.

Red Boat Kho Sauce, $8.95 for 11.8 ounces, redboatfishsauce.com.

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source: nytimes.com