Australia news live update: Covid alert for Canberra after Sydney case visits, government defends vaccine rollout

Right through the pandemic, whether it’s been the closure of the borders with China or the closure of the international borders, we have followed the medical advice.

But that medical advice evolves in the greatest pandemic in 100 years. And what we have done here, again, is actively and is cautious and conservative in Australia.

If you think that in the UK, the age range for AstraZeneca is over 40s.

In South Korea, over 30s and in Germany, over 18s. So, very cautious and conservative here but that advice now is taken into account the fact that we have virtually zero cases.

Not every day, obviously as we see at the moment, but by global levels, almost negligible numbers of cases and therefore, they have said, to be absolutely cautious, they recommend over 60, to be absolutely cautious, they recommend over 64 AstraZeneca and now, for 50-59 Pfizer.

But equally, the risk from a second dose is absolutely minimal, it is very different to that first dose, the 50-59 and the risk of not being fully vaccinated is vastly greater and people should feel confident to come forward and that medical advice comes from the same people who put in place the cautious and conservative age range and they say, “Come forward for the second dose.”

Which is what the chief medical officer Paul Kelly has said, the former chief medical officer Brendan Murphy said. And these other things that kept Australian safe.

It is a difficult decision and I understand but it is important for … continuing to be vaccinated. We have now passed one quarter of all adult Australians that have been vaccinated, and I thank them and urge them to keep coming forward.