Microsoft announces Xbox Mini Fridge to show it's totally OK with Series X meme

Remember when everyone said the Xbox Series X looked like a fridge? So does Microsoft, apparently. To show that it, a trillion-dollar company, is totally cool with the comparison, it plans to release the Xbox Mini Fridge.

According to the ‘world premiere’ announcement video, “Yes, this is really happening”, and the mini fridge will arrive during the holiday season this year. 

Microsoft Xbox Mini Fridge screenshot

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We don’t have all the details on the fridge, but you know, it’s a fridge. You can make some educated guesses. From eyeing it up I’m guessing at a ten-can capacity, but I also know absolutely nothing about fridges. Microsoft jokingly states it comes with “Velocity Cooling Architecture”, something of a pun on the Xbox Velocity Architecture in its latest console.