Uber passenger claims he has ‘significant brain bruising’ after fight with driver

An Uber passenger who was decked by a driver when he allegedly drunkenly attacked the cabbie suffered “significant brain bruising,” prosecutors charged in court papers.

The driver, 38-year-old Soyall Pinto, was cut loose on $10,000 at his Manhattan criminal court arraignment Monday afternoon. 

Pinto is charged with assault for the Sunday morning fight that spilled out of his car and onto the street near East 38th Street and Second Avenue early Sunday morning, prosecutors said. 

The scuffle kicked off when passenger Ahmed Rahat and his girlfriend were in the backseat of the for-hire Chevy Suburban and he began punching Pinto, sources previously told The Post. 

Pinto pulled over and the fight spilled onto the street in midtown — where he allegedly slugged Rahat, causing him to fall back and slam his head on the pavement. 

Soyall Pinto leaving court after his arraignment.
Soyall Pinto leaving court after his arraignment.
Steven Hirsch

In a criminal complaint against Pinto, prosecutors noted that Rahat is “suffering from significant brain bruising and also has significant contusions and abrasions to his face.” 

He was also intubated at Bellevue Hospital after the punch out, they wrote. 

At the arraignment, his defense attorney noted that Pinto has served New York as an Uber driver for five years and was also injured in the fight, requiring stitches to close a wound. 

Pinto was released on bail and is due back in court Aug. 2.

source: nypost.com