Boston mayor fires police commissioner after domestic violence allegations

Boston Mayor Kim Janey fired the city’s police commissioner on Monday, saying that allegations of domestic violence against the law enforcement chief eroded “public trust in his judgment and ability to lead.”

During a closed-door hearing last week, now-former Police Commissioner Dennis White admitted that he had “hit and pushed members of his household,” sealing his fate, according to the mayor.

“Earlier today, I informed Dennis White of his termination as Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, effective immediately,” Janey told reporters Monday afternoon.

“I reached this decision after carefully considering the results of an independent investigation into multiple allegations of domestic violence against Dennis White along with testimony and information he provided during the hearing on June 1.”

White has always denied allegations of domestic abuse. However, the mayor said White revealed troubling details during this ongoing probe.

“But he stated in his hearing and during the investigation that the has hit and pushed members of his household. The allegations and evidence of this behavior raised serious questions about his fitness to lead the Boston Police Department and Dennis White’s actions in recent weeks have done even more to erode public trust in his judgement and ability to lead.”

The mayor said White has not shown measurable “growth or contrition” regarding the allegations and can no longer lead the department.

“Instead of expressing understanding, regret, growth or contrition regarding his admitted actions about domestic violence, Dennis White has instead continued to campaign to vilify his former wife,” she said.

White has been on leave since February.

White’s attorney, Nicholas Carter, told NBC News that his client has been victimized by Janey’s “rush to judgment.”

“He is a Black man, falsely accused of crimes, not given a fair trial or hearing, and then convicted, or terminated which is the equivalent here,” Carter said in a statement. “This reflects an ugly pattern in our country. The investigation was biased.”

Carter said investigators haven’t bothered to interview “Tiffany White, Dennis White’s daughter who had publicly disclosed that the allegations against her father by her mother were false.”

Janey “got this one wrong and destroyed Dennis White in the process,” according to Carter, who vowed to press a civil complaint against City Hall “to send a message that this kind of unlawful and harmful treatment must not be allowed to happen again to anyone.”