Horizon Forbidden West Flying neither Confirmed nor Denied by Dev; Beta Milestone Reached

blue-eyedleopard5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

But does the flying move significantly faster than moving on the ground?

See, you don’t understand it’s not flying that PS5’s I/O allows for, it’s flying at high speeds. That’s what the Spider-Man demo that Cerny showed off in the very first PS5 reveal was about.

And keep in mind the PS5 I/O speed allows them to use much higher quality textures and geometry in the distance than on HDD because HDD can’t load the textures into memory fast enough with out pop in. This has been discussed numerous times it was part of what the UE5 demo was showing.

A dev should understand the basic benefits of SSD over HDD. Especially given that it’s been discussed plenty of times…

source: gamezpot.com