The best Sykov loadouts for Warzone

Looking for the best Warzone Sykov loadout? This pistol was pretty terrifying when it first released back in April and was even nerfed within a week of its release. If you want to wield this pokey pistol, you’ll need to unlock it via a weapon challenge—specifically, you need to get four kills while using pistols in five different matches. You can also buy the Sparks Operator bundle and use the Sykov itself to complete the challenge and begin levelling up the gun immediately.

There’s no doubt that the handgun can be daunting to play against, but you can even the odds by wielding your own. The Sykov already has a spot in our best Warzone loadouts guide. But if you’re after a number of setups to test out, here are the best Sykov Warzone loadouts, as well as the attachments needed to round out each build.

Akimbo Sykov setup

The best Akimbo Sykov Warzone loadout for maximum damage