It's vital Sony maintains its PlayStation 4 support

neutralgamer19921h ago

Yes because they can’t produce enough current generation consoles to justify making all their games exclusives for one platform. I don’t know how this became so damn hard to understand when it’s business 101.

When Jim Ryan made those comments about believing in generation I believe he was being honest because I don’t think he nor any of us thought this pandemic would last this long. Now with the shortages and scalpers it makes sense to release games on a platform with 10 million install base and release it on a platform with 115+ million install base. If both ms and could produce 500-750k plus every month they would give up on last generation quickly because they would want to entice everyone to buy new consoles

Sony world wide studios president was honest and Sony hate started after he gave clear answers instead of Phil Spencer talk of wait till E3

Ps5/XSX shortages aren’t going away till maybe 2023 so both companies will support current and last generation because that’s how they will make more money. What’s so funny is when haters aft like Sony lied yet they have release ps5 exclusives already and have more on the way