Australia coronavirus live: three new cases as Frydenberg considers Victoria Covid lockdown support and NSW adds more exposure sites

I’ll bet my bottom dollar there’s no doubt that in the next couple of days, he’ll panic, he’s getting desperate. I think even he at some level realises the failure the mess that he’s making. He’ll make some kind of announcement saying, “Oh, well, we’ll build a purpose-built quarantine facility.” Well, he’s had on his desk a report for eight months telling him to do this and he’s done nothing. Jane Halton yesterday called him out for this.

How can anyone trust anything this prime minister says now? Frankly, he’s a bullshit artist.

He told us last year, “Don’t worry. There’ll be 4 million people vaccinated by the end of March.” He said, “Don’t worry, we’ve got aged care.” Well, when this outbreak started in Victoria, we found that 40% – only 40% – of aged care residents had been fully vaccinated; 29 homes they hadn’t even turned up for the first dose; 2% of people in disability care vaccinated.

Now it sounds like I’m getting a bit personal with the prime minister. And, I am. I don’t like him. I don’t trust him. I don’t think he’s good at his job. He is a very cunning politician, but he is a failure – an absolute failure – as a leader. He failed the country on bushfires. He’s failed on hotel quarantine. He’s failing on vaccines. And now he’s failing Victoria. This bullshit artist is abandoning Victoria in our hour of need.