Australia coronavirus live: Victoria records six new Covid cases as lockdown extension expected, NSW on alert

I‘m in lockdown in my home in Victoria, right now. It feels like a little bit of an unfair question and we’ve got to remember that this outbreak actually came through a leak from South Australian quarantine.

You would have heard a number of epidemiologists answering the question that you’ve just asked me over previous days and so I don’t want to get into the science too deeply as that’s really their role.

But, I think, they’ve referred to a bunch of specific things about Victoria – the layout of the city, for example, is one where people move around a lot more than they do versus Sydney, for example, where people tend to stay within their suburbs or their regions.

But, the most important thing that’s happening right now in Victoria, Hamish, is that we are dealing with a much more contagious form of Covid than we’ve seen in any previous outbreaks. You mentioned, in your opener there, that we’ve had situations in Victoria where people have caught Covid from one another by brushing past one another in a store. This has never happened before in a Covid outbreak and I personally am glad that the Victorian government’s being pretty conservative. We’ll get on to aged care in a minute but we know, through bitter, bitter experience, the agony that can be caused when we don’t get on top of outbreaks and we’re proud as Victorians that we’re working together as a community to protect people that are vulnerable.