Red Dead Online Players Found A Glitchy Water Wheel That Sends Them Flying

There might not be any jetbikes in Red Dead Online, but that hasn’t stopped some players from figuring out a new way to go soaring into the sky. All you need to do is stand on a specific water wheel and wait. Soon, you’ll be flying like a bird.

This odd Red Dead Online bug was found by Reddit user KayPeeJay. They were exploring the water wheel in Strawberry when suddenly, they were smoothly shot up high into the air. Soon after they posted their discovery, other players on Reddit and YouTube began testing out this new glitch. And sure enough, it worked.

Just a heads up: If you do this online, the landing will kill you. Probably.

This bug, and how randomly it activates, reminds me of the Grand Theft Auto IV swingset glitch. That was a famously funny bug that would randomly happen if you drove a car into a specific swingset. Like this new water wheel bug, it wasn’t clear what triggered the reaction. Sometimes barely touching the swing would send your car flying across Liberty City. But other times, I remember ramming my vehicle into the playground equipment multiple times before I finally got sent into the air.

While Red Dead Online players wait for the next big, interesting update, they seem to be busy finding new ways to have fun breaking the world of RDO. Last year, players found a bridge in the game that, like the water wheel, sent you flying high into the sky.

I can’t wait for folks to find a random chimney or door that flings you into the clouds.