Lucifer season 5, part 2: Why didn't Lucifer kill Michael?

Lucifer season five, part two gave fans exactly what they were hoping for after the show finally dropped an emotionally gripping eight episodes. One part of the season has confused fans however, the moment Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) decided not to kill Michael (Tom Ellis). Why didn’t Lucifer kill Michael?

Why didn’t Lucifer kill Michael?

Warning: This story contains spoilers for Lucifer season five, part two.

Lucifer season five saw its most explosive season finale yet, with Lucifer Morningstar coming face-to-face with his brother Michael.

Lucifer appears to have softened over the years, with him showing Michael some surprising mercy during their final confrontation.

After having already been beaten by Michael, Lucifer was left with little options during the finale, seeking the aid of both angels and demons.

The season ends with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) fighting Michael wearing Lilith’s ring giving her all the strength to match Michael in combat.

She nearly kills him, only to be stopped by Lucifer at the last minute after he shouts to her, revealing that he is far from dead.

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Lucifer talks to Michael, saying: “I’ve learned everyone deserves a second chance, even me.”

Lucifer isn’t exactly sure how he has returned or why he has been forgiven, or who has forgiven him, but he uses this chance to make a change.

Lucifer lifts the Flaming Sword which Michael earlier used to beat him and says: “Oh my me!”

All the angels and demons are in awe of Lucifer during this moment and kneel before him, including Michael.

Lucifer has extended the forgiveness shown to him and passed it on to Michael, realising that he is God now.

Lucifer didn’t kill Michael because that would not be the act of God, this appears to be his new title and he accepts his position as leader of the universe.

Moving into the sixth and final season, it isn’t clear what the reach of Lucifer’s godhood is and what powers he will have over Heaven, Hell and Earth.

Also, despite Michael kneeling to him during the finale, it isn’t clear if their feud is resolved, or if Michael was just doing that in the moment because he respects Lucifer’s new power.

Season six is set to be a very different season for the show, with Lucifer now showing mercy with a list of powers yet to be explored, he will bring with him a bigger list of enemies than ever.

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Season six is already well underway, with filming starting back in March of 2021.

The final season will be airing early 2022, with showrunner Tom Kapinos back for one final time.

Originally the show was just meant to be five seasons long, with Netflix recently confirmed the renewal of the show bringing the final conclusion forward an extra season.

With filming well underway, fans will not have to wait long for more news on the show, with a trailer for the final season expected to drop later this year.

Fans have been sharing their thoughts on season five, part two, with many expressing how emotional the show has become.

One fan said on Twitter: “Lucifer and Chloe love each other so much I CAN’T! Deckerstar has my heart <3 #LuciferSeason5B”

Another fan added: “Lucifer Morningstar IS THE GOD OF HIS UNIVERSE EVERYONE”

A third fan said: “Can we appreciate how much work Tom Ellis put into this last season. This man had to learn two characters lines, maintain two separate personalities which he was phenomenal at. And to top it off, had to learn two different fight sequences! My dude!”

Lucifer is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.