Scavengers is holding a 5,000-player public event this weekend

Scavengers is a battle royale, sort of, although James said in his April preview that it’s really more akin to a friendlier, more accessible take on Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown. Players team up in squads of three to fight for survival in a hybrid PvE sandbox/PvP arena, but the distinguishing factor is that victory is what you make of it: Maybe you want to kill everything that moves, or maybe you’d rather just stuff your pockets and haul ass. Either way, a win is a win.

An even cooler thing about Scavengers is the massive scale it’s capable of via the ScavLab experimental sandbox, which we got a taste of last month in a test session packed with more than 1,700 players. It was chaotic, but it worked, and near the end of the session developer Midwinter Entertainment pushed the player population to around 9,600—stressful, but not unmanageable. “Things stay surprisingly stable, even during the 15th wave of monster rain, thousands of virtual players enacting prerecorded routes and behaviors,” James wrote of the experience.