J. Breckenridge Battles His History With An Abusive Ex In ‘Not Forgiving You’ Music Video

They say ‘forgive & forget,’ but sometimes we just simply need to ‘forget.’ J. Breckenridge brings his experience in an abusive relationship to the forefront of his music video for ‘Not Forgiving You.’

TRIGGER WARNING: This article includes media and discussion around topics such as domestic violence, and physical violence.

As he prepares to return to the Broadway stage in the Tony Award-winning musical Come From Away, Josh Breckenridge, who also goes by J. Breckenridge, is providing his fans with a full album and some visuals to go along with it. Ahead of the May 28th release of his debut pop/soul album of original songs, Monotony, HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE look at J. Breckenridge’s music video for “Not Forgiving You.” In the surprisingly upbeat, “chamber, pop-soul” vibe, Breckenridge tells the story of thwarting “incessant communications” from his “abuse ex — which continue to this day,” he explained.

“The night in question fuels the song. Its sarcastic, upbeat nature is my exact mood on the matter. Sometimes you just have to laugh,” the performer told HL. In the music video, Breckenridge plays a boxer who is knocked to the ground, but continues training, only to be sucker-punched again — a clear metaphor for the abuse he endured in his relationship. By the end, the singer is on his feet again, doo-wopping and dancing away as he regains his power. While light-hearted and upbeat, the song is an important anthem for self-love and self-worth.

J. Breckenridge (Photo Credit: Bronson Farr)

It certainly must be mentioned, as well, that J. Breckenridge’s voice is like butter and in this song, in particular, it feels like his vocal cords are providing us with almost everything we’ve been missing the last fourteen months as the Broadway doors have been shuttered. Luckily, the singer-songwriter dished on his return to the stage in the production of Come From Away, which was filmed for an Apple Original Films live event. “The filming of the live capture was a great way to touch back in to the show and refresh,” Breckenridge said. “It was wonderful to see my Come From Away family and I’m excited to get back for real in the fall!”

While Broadway is formally set to reopen Sept. 14th, Come From Away will officially have their first performance since COVID-19 on September 21st. A viral TikTok video showed the cast returning to the Shoenfeld Theater for the first time, greeted by applause and cheers through the streets of the city. “I was blown away by how much I remembered,” Breckenridge, the show’s Dance Captain, admitted. “I mean, it is my job to know EVERYTHING as Dance Captain; however, I was still surprised how everything still stuck. We ALL were. I think I speak for most in saying that a well-oiled machine of a musical NEVER truly leaves you.”

J. Breckenridge will release his debut album, ‘Monotony,’ on May 28th. (Bronson Farr)

Tickets for Come From Away are currently available to purchase and J. Breckenridge’s debut album, Monotony, will be available on all digital streaming platforms tomorrow, May 28th!

If you are experiencing domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go to thehotline.org. All calls are toll-free and confidential. The hotline is available 24/7 in more than 170 languages.

source: hollywoodlife.com