US-Russia conflict: Will sanctions be successful? Do they punish the wrong people?

Many experts believe sanctions generally prove successful – although potentially more in negatively impacting the public perception of a nation, rather than putting a stop to the activities which first prompted the introduction of sanctions.

James Davis, Professor of International Politics at the University of St. Gallen, on the US-Russia geopolitical situation said sanctions serve many functions and signal to others that behaviour at odds with a nation will not be tolerated.

They also provide a sign to a nation’s public that they should avoid doing business with the sanctioned entity, he added.

Professor Davis told “Even if sanctions do not lead the other side to change their behaviour, they can produce valuable effects.”

Public policy author David Gottstein said sanctions are unlikely to prove successful in this case.

Mr Gottstein told “Only when the pain of sanctions in total outweighs Russia’s gains, will it change. We are a long way from that.”