Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil crossover adds Nemesis and AI zombies but no Lady D

Dead by Daylight, the wildly popular multiplayer slash-em-up, celebrated its fifth anniversary by announcing the game has now reached 36 million players (across all platforms), and a new Resident Evil crossover that launches on June 15. The announcement came with the above CGI trailer that shows Nemesis, the tyrant from Resident Evil 3 and the new killer coming to Dead by Daylight, throwing some unfortunate soul into a car.

The Resident Evil ‘chapter’, as DBD terms DLCs, includes Nemesis as the new killer character, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as two new survivors, and a gorgeous-looking new map that recreates the Raccoon City Police Department. Both the map and Leon are from Resident Evil 2, while Nemesis and this version of Jill are from Resident Evil 3. Finally, and perhaps most interesting of all, Nemesis is the first Dead by Daylight baddie to come with AI companions: zombies.