EA's new multiplayer dodgeball game is very good, actually

When I first fired up Knockout City the other day, I was expecting to find (pardon my French), a baby game for babies. It’s not only the character art style that reminds me of the ads I’d watch for Bratz dolls growing up, but also because it’s dodgeball we’re talking about here—a playground game that my PE teacher was always reluctant to let us play because “bean that kid in the face with a high-velocity rubber ball” is a pretty violent rule to center a game around. I think it was eventually banned district-wide, which only made it cooler.

Memories of being actually kinda good at dodgeball, on top of a fascination with weird shooters, inspired me to give Knockout City a shake despite Tyler’s unimpressed preview from back in February. I guess I should’ve been reading closer, because Knockout City isn’t a kid-friendly shooter at all. In fact, Knockout City has a surprisingly deep combat language that has more in common with Chivalry’s back-and-forth duels than the games it resembles (remember Rocket Arena?). Fights aren’t a matter of pinpoint aiming or movement trickery—each showdown is a test of wits, fakeouts, and reflexes.

source: gamezpot.com