Polish Air Force hijacking alert sparks panic as plane turned towards the west

Hijackers have taken control of the jet over Europe, France News 24 has reported.

But the online news source later tweeted this could also be part of an ongoing training exercise.

France News 24 wrote: “Renegade/Sarex-21 exercises are taking place in Poland.

“Hijacking this aircraft may be an element of these exercises.”

The Polish Armed Forces also referred to the “tactical-special exercise renegade/Sarex-21” aimed at countering terrorist threats from the air, as well as conducting search and rescue operation on land and at sea.

This began on May 17 and is running until tomorrow (May 21).

The Polish Air Force wrote on its website: “During the exercise, four episodes will be conducted. The first will concern the abduction of a civilian aircraft as a possible means of terrorist attack posing a threat to national security.

“The second episode will be massevac in connection with the collision of two ships with injured people on burning and sinking units.

“The scenario involves carrying out a rescue operation, rescuing military property and transporting the victims to medical facilities.

“The next two episodes will be related to the conduct of search and rescue operations after air events (application crash of aircraft in hard-to-reach areas).”

The air force explained the training drill is being in airspace over Poland and in areas of the West Pomeranian, Pomeranian and Mazovian provinces.

This involves several military teams, as well as a host of emergency service operations.

The Polish Air Force added: “The main objective of the exercise is to test the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces and the non-military system, as part of the state security system, to deal with crises specific to the air defence and air and sea rescue systems.

“The organizer of the project is the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of General BronisÅ‚aw Kwiatkowski.

“The training project will be held in the airspace of The Republic of Poland and in the areas of the West Pomeranian, Pomeranian and Mazovian provinces.

“The exercise will involve, inter alia, the following entities responsible for national security and rescue and rescue operations: Operational Command of the RSZ with subordinate centers and centers, General Command of the Polish Army with subordinate military units, Military Gendarmerie, Territorial Defence Forces, Polish Air Navigation Agency, Police, Border Guard, State Fire Brigade, Maritime Search and Rescue Service, Air Ambulance, Polish Red Cross and military university officers.”

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source: express.co.uk