ROTEK – RT 140 Wireless Endoscope Unbox and Review

his is the newest wireless WiFi USB endoscope camera, applying the latest wireless connection technology, it can support 3-4 mobile phones to watch at the same time.

Warm Tips:

1.The end of this endoscope is waterproof, but for a long time immersed in water you need to install the nut device so that the waterproof grade can up to IP68, or waterproof grade is IP67.

2.Built-in battery, please do not throw it into the fire to prevent the battery from exploding.

3.The clearest product focus is 3-8cm, if you couldn′t have clearly image, please adjust the focal length.

Products features:

1. Lens of this endoscope is 2.0MP and 1080 full HD camera, 8 adjustable Led lights. You could capture image or record video in dark or low-light areas and saved to phone album.

2. This endoscope support AVI format and snapshot image in JPG format with three adjustable resolutions 640 x 480, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080.

3. 8mm lens is small enough to inspect a wide variety of confined place, a bendable semi-rigid cable can hold it’s shape for inspecting a wide variety of confined place.

4. This endoscope is more easily to set up and connect to your smart device, what you need do is to download and install the software called “YCAM”

5. This endoscope has solved the problem which some android phones(Samsung S8, Google pixel 2) couldn′t search the wifi signal, it is more compatiable to support connect perfect to Android 4.2+ and IOS 8.0+ mobile phone, tablets.