Feeling Nostalgic for the Early 2000s? These Photos From the 2001 MTV Movie Awards Can't Be Missed

Here at E! News, the red carpet is our bread and butter. So it’s not an understatement when we declare the 2001 MTV Movie Awards a standout contender for the best red carpet of the early aughts. 

Well into the golden age of MTV, the ceremony, co-hosted by Jimmy Fallon and Kirsten Dunst, drew a constellation of A-list stars across film, television and music. Not only could you find blockbuster giants like Tom Cruise and John Travolta rubbing elbows with the likes of Gwen Stefani and Carmen Electra, but the icons behind Moulin Rouge!‘s remake of “Lady Marmalade” blessed viewers with one of their only live performances together. 

(Trust us, it’s worth a rewatch—if only for Christina Aguilera‘s incredible range as she makes her grand entrance.)

And the fashion! Oh, the fashion. Think low-rise midi skirts, strappy kitten heels and some epic color coordination courtesy of Destiny’s Child

source: eonline.com