Jinger Duggar Explains Why She Defied Family Tradition and Began Wearing Pants

Prior to this revelation, Jinger operated under her mother, Michelle Duggar‘s, instruction that women should always wear skirts or dresses. 

“My mom had always dressed us girls in skirts and dresses, a standard that was taken from Deuteronomy 22:5 (ESV), which says, ‘A woman shall not wear a man’s garment,’ and I never really questioned it,” the 27 year old shared. “Modesty was a huge topic in our house, and we believed that wearing skirts instead of pants was a central part of being modest.”

This aspect of her upbringing made it slightly difficult to transition to wearing pants, even though she said her heart felt “free.” She reasoned, “Still, I struggled with believing something that was different from my family. I knew they deeply cared about their convictions, and I didn’t want to hurt them now that I didn’t share those convictions.”

source: eonline.com