Wild Alaskan King Salmon Season Has Begun

The wild Alaskan king salmon season started last month, but the catch from the prized Copper River fishery will not be available for another two weeks. Anticipating high demand, a number of companies are already accepting preorders for the richly flavored fish that has packed on fat and muscle so it can strive against the current, up the river to spawning grounds. A relative newcomer to the game is Kyle Lee, an Alaskan whose company, Alaskan Salmon in Cordova, operates on a smaller scale than some others; it is run by fishermen. The fish are frozen upon harvesting and shipped that way directly to consumers, the typical practice. Alaskan Salmon will charge $75 a pound (about three portions) in five-pound boxes for $375. They also have Copper River sockeye, the vermilion variety, $250 for five pounds.

Alaskan Salmon, aksalmonco.com.

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source: nytimes.com