Resident Evil Village PS5 vs. Xbox Series Comparison: Identical Visuals But Different Performance

gamingtext20203h ago(Edited 3h ago)

To keep the fanboy’s at bay here. Both the PS5 and Series have the same performance. With ray tracing turned off both systems are locked at 60fps, with ray tracing turned on both systems drop in frames about the same. I’m not sure how the person that made video came to the conclusion that Series X performs better when RT is turned on. Maybe I missed something in the video, but both versions were dropping the same amount frames when RT is turned on.

In any case this is just the demo of the game, and this is phenomenal news that both versions are damn near identical. I hope all third parties are like this moving forward, so we end this pointless console wars.

Also the headline of this article is extremely misleading, but author clearly did this for clicks.