Stacey Solomon dismissing Royal Family as just ‘celebrities’ in old clip leaves fans split

At this point, Jane pointed out how they are “becoming like celebrities,” but “the Queen is brilliant”.

Stacey countered: “To me that’s all they are, they’re celebrities.”

Linda then waded in adding: “I love the Queen, and she’s always worked really hard.”

But Stacey continued: “But I would work hard if the whole country paid for me to have like 12 houses.”

Jane quickly corrected her on this point, explaining how much UK citizens actually contribute.

She said: “They don’t pay for all of the houses. We contribute about £39 million a year. It costs £300 million a year to run the royal family.

“But I’m with you. After the Queen I’d have them all on bicycles and living in a terraced house.

“But I love the Queen, I think she’s fantastic.”