Resident Evil Village Could Have Skipped PS4 and Xbox One Altogether

Petebloodyonion3h ago

Cue violin music in the background.

BS from Capcom. THE PS4 and XBOX1 was considered since day 1
Now No way a company like Capcom, whose sole purpose is to make money from the software, would say:
Great’s let’s invest 50+ million$ into making a single-player game but we will release only the platform that, perhaps at the time of release, will have 10 million users instead of the one with 100 million + users.

IF the game was considered only for Serie X/Ps5 it would probably have a winter 2022 release date at best (unless funded by Sony or MS).

Just a reminder that Resident Evil 7 came in early 2017, 3 full years after the console release date.