Former campaign intern accuses Scott Stringer of groping

A woman claims that mayoral candidate and current city Comptroller Scott Stringer groped her when she worked as an unpaid intern for his campaign for public advocate in 2001, according to the accuser’s lawyer.

Attorney Patricia Pastor said her client — who was not named — claims that Stringer “groped her, repeatedly touched her sexually without her consent, made multiple sexual advances toward her which she rejected.”

Stringer allegedly told the woman “not to tell anyone about the sexual misconduct and offered to get her a role as District Leader.”

“It’s unfortunately all too common that women report having been touched sexually without consent, and often men who engage this way are in a position of power and influence over the woman. I have great respect for women who choose to say, ‘Enough is enough,’” Pastor said in a statement.

Stringer is considered a top-tier candidate in the Democratic primary for mayor and any creditable claims of sexual misconduct doom his chances to run City Hall.

Stringer issued a statement Tuesday night denying the allegation.

Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer speaking at a rally protesting court fees outside of 100 Centre Street in Manhattan.
Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer is accused of groping a former intern in 2001.
William Farrington

“I firmly believe that all survivors of harassment have the right to come forward. I will reserve further comment until this person has had the opportunity to share their story,” Stringer said.

But Stringer added, “For now, let me say without equivocation: these allegations are untrue and do not reflect my interactions with anyone, including any woman or member of my staff.”

The accuser is expected to appear at a press conference outside the comptroller’s office Wednesday morning to discuss the alleged abuse from 20 years ago.

Pastor put out a press statement Tuesday night that included comments from women’s rights advocates.

Scott Stringer announces he will be running for mayor during a press conference on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens.
Scott Stringer is considered a top-tier candidate in the Democratic primary for NYC mayor.
Dennis A. Clark

Krystal Balleza, a consent awareness activist said, “It takes a lot of courage to use your voice against evil. I applaud the strength the victim has in fighting to inspire change in an outdated system that relies on a person’s silence. There’s power in speaking out and holding men like Scott Stringer accountable.”

No other details were available Tuesday night.

The accusation against Stringer comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo is fending off probes of sexual harassment allegations leveled against by former staffers and associates. Cuomo denied acting inappropriately, but has apologized if he made any women feel uncomfortable.

Stringer last month called on Cuomo to resign over his mounting accusations.

New York Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer speaks in New York City.
New York mayoral candidate Scott Stringer has denied the allegations.
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Sex scandals have taken down other once-mighty pols.

A state court ruled Tuesday that disgraced ex-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will have his law license suspended for a year stemming from his sexual harassment and abuse scandal.

Schneiderman abruptly resigned in May 2018 amid bombshell allegations by four women that he would get drunk, hit and choke them during sex.

Ex-Congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s political career sunk after a series of sexting scandals landed him in prison.