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I travel back in time with the Nokia 3310 3G retro mobile phone, see what I thought and what the phone can do…. Plus, see what snake looks like 18 years later!

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Key Features

Simple operating system inspired by the original 3310
2.4 inch screen – clearly displays texts & call details
Battery: 6.5 hours of talk time & 648 hours of standby
Handy built-in flashlight
Pre-loaded with classic Snake game

Product Overview

A modern twist on a retro classic, this azure Nokia 3310 3G breathes new life into the iconic 3310 design. Pre-loaded with a purpose-built Nokia operating system, it offers a user-experience which combines modern apps, like Facebook and Twitter, with a retro feel. It has a slightly larger screen than its predecessor too, with a crisp 2.4 inch display. The battery life is nothing to be sniffed at either, thanks to an impressive 6.5 hours of talk time and 648 hours of standby. The retro style continues with a super-helpful built-in torch, and even the classic mobile game Snake makes a return.


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