Civilization 6 Update Lets You Pet Dogs, But Not Cats

Illustration for article titled Civilization 6 Update Lets You Pet Dogs, But Not Cats

Image: David Wildgoose

The latest major patch for Civilization 6 dropped this week, and there was a great new addition: you can finally pet the dog! Petting cats, however? Firaxis has some strong opinions there.

The inclusion appears as a new option on the menu bar for scouts, despite not being included in the patch notes for Civ 6‘s April 2021 update, which dropped early Friday morning Australian time. Fans quickly spotted the addition, since it appears on Scouts who … don’t really do much else besides running around the map.

It’s a great little animation for a very good boy. I even love the little tiny heart icons they’ve got on the toolbar.

There’s just one problem. While Civ 6 has no problem with you patting dogs, patting cats is simply not the done thing. Former Kotaku Australia editor David Wildgoose and long-time Civ fan spotted the exclusion this morning:

“One does not simply pet a cat,” the game’s English tool tip says, which is a nod to the fact that it’s a Sean Bean meme and Sean Bean is also the narrator for Civilization VI.

I’m not so sure about that one Firaxis. I mean, if the scout is walking around with a trio of cats, I reckon they’d be up for a chin rub every now and again. Sure, maybe they’d wander off for a week or two and then leave the poor scout wondering whether the cats still loved them, or if they even remembered all the nice times they spent together. But then they’d come wandering back, screaming for food and then happily purring away as if nothing happened.

Where was I? Oh yeah, patting the cat. C’mon, Firaxis. Patch it in!

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.