Gary Neville's five demands to Man Utd and rivals after European Super League debacle

Manchester United legend Gary Neville was left delighted after the Red Devils joined the other five Premier League teams in pulling out of the European Super League. The pundit was firmly against the idea, and didn’t hide his opinions. 

United icon Neville was one of the most vocal opposers to the plans for a European Super League.

The Sky Sports pundit tore into the plans on Sunday and has continued to be a staunch critic of the idea.

Neville spoke about the plans on Tuesday night after the ‘big six’ Premier League clubs withdrew from the competition.

And during his various criticisms, Neville spoke of five things he wants to see changed in football from now on.

Glazers out

“They have stepped over the mark.

“They are scavengers and need booting out of this football club and booting out of this country. We have got to come together.

“It might be too late, there’ll be people at Manchester United, fans 15 years ago who will say it’s too late.

“It’s never too late, we have got to stop this. It is absolutely critical we do.”

Warning over next season

“We’re in the midst of a pandemic, we’ve been locked in for eight months, we’re not in a decent place here.

“They’ve tried to run away with the crown jewels whilst we’ve all been down and they’ve basically made everybody rise and I can’t wait for next season.

“I can’t wait for fans to be back in the stadium because there has to be a concerted, organised, mobilised, strategic effort to change football in this country.”

Ownership rule changes

“We have to work hard together to ensure that ownership rules in this country are changed, that we have a system whereby this cannot happen.

“Whether that’s Government intervention, independent regulator, whether it be a fan-owned club rule, whatever it is – we have to make sure that this is the catalyst for change.

“The people have spoken.

UEFA and FIFA trust

“No, I don’t think they’re the goodies by any stretch of the imagination. Think about the corruption in global football, European football for the last 20 years.

“There’s a lot of trust to rebuild in UEFA and FIFA for us to ever think they’re the organisations we can fully trust.

“I am concerned about we’ve been talking about sporting merit for the past 48 hours – the reason this has kicked off completely is because the competition they were suggesting wasn’t based on sporting merit and UEFA have to make sure they don’t take it to the point whereby they are damaging teams, taking positions off teams, it has to always be fair.”