GameStop Will Have Xbox Series X All Access Bundles This Wednesday

neutralgamer19922h ago

I feel like you have to be lucky to get a ps5. I got one from Amazon even though I was late to notice the tweet while others were saying sold out already I kept refreshing and got through

If not you have to either wait or buy into the bundles and sell the stuff you don’t want that was included in the bundle. I see a lot of people selling ps5 accessories on offer up and Facebook marketplace

Btw those who want a XSX use offer up and Facebook marketplace because you can get XSX for close to retail(maybe $50 more). The demand for XSX is no where near the level it’s for ps5(even 5 months later which is a good thing for consumers since they can get one without paying crazy amounts)

In my opinion it’s worth waiting before buying because I think we may see minor hardware improvements in future sku’s (especially the controller drift issues) and it’s not like either console has must play games right now