Dan Walker feels 'instant regret' over unflattering BBC Breakfast snap with Louise Minchin

During his appearance, he said there were three main reasons for the upset, after the show’s host Alex Jones revealed her husband was “outraged” by the news.

“The first of those is greed. And for many fans this stinks of it, because the pandemic has taught us, that football is nothing without fans…

“The second point is arrogance. These clubs are claiming to be the finest in Europe now, understandably at the expense of all the others. You’ve got Manchester United and Manchester City, who are first and second in the Premier League at the minute, but the other four are fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth. Someone said it’s a bit like Bananaman trying to join the Avengers, so there is a bit of arrogance about that.

“And the third thing is about the spirit of competition. They are trying to create a league where they can’t be relegated. And sport and football is about achievement. It’s about working hard, it’s about never having success guaranteed… If sport is something you can’t lose then it’s not sport.”

source: express.co.uk