Snek's Obscure Game Reviews – Legend of Legaia

Another underrated classic on the PS1. This time, a kung-fu RPG with giant wrist bugs and pimps!

Special thanks to my very patient sound editor: Sean Taylor Brown.

This is just a review, and all footage and visual aids are for educational and review purposes only. Please do not sue me. I am broke and cry easily.

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The list of major changes between the Japanese and English releases of the game, as posted in-video:

The player’s party have higher stats all around.
Enemies have, with the exception of HP, lower stats.
Enemies give more experience and gold.
Stats gained from level ups are higher.
Damage done by summons is greater.
The chance for a debuff from a summon to stick is higher.
Chance to block enemy attacks is significantly increased.
Chance for the enemy to block your attacks is significantly decreased.
Additional Art blocks are unlocked at lower levels.