Amanda Seyfried Has Been "Campaigning" To Be in This Movie Musical For 5 Years

Amanda Seyfried has set her sights on playing Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming film adaptation of the musical Wicked.

On Variety‘s Award Circuit podcast, the Mank actress revealed she’s sent Universal Pictures and director Jon M. Chu a recording of herself singing the hit song “Popular” in the hopes that it will secure her position on the cast. As she put it, “I’ve been campaigning for Wicked for five years.”

In fact, she said she’s already started vocal lessons specifically for this role, revealing that during the pandemic she practiced the songs three days a week. “I’ve never been more ready to hit those notes,” Amanda teased, before singing a few of the iconic lyrics.

And though Amanda isn’t the casting director, she already has a few stars in mind when it comes to the character Elphaba. 

“For a while it was Anna Kendrick, because I thought that her Elphaba would be really solid, and, you know, I sing the high notes and she can sing, she can be the alto,” she described. “At one point, it was Anne Hathaway, too. She could obviously be Elphaba.”